Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Weigh in Wednesday!

Back for Weigh in Wednesday with my favorites :) 
Weigh In Wednesday 

I had a decent week exercise wise.  I am trying to get 75 miles in by the end of the month for a challenge & still plugging away at my 1350 minute goal but I am not sure that will happen this month.  Tracking my food and staying at my goal is always a struggle but I am working on it, I only hit it twice this week but its a start :) Follow me on My Fitness Pal:Healthysew!

 I was happy with the 1.6 pounds lost this week.  

This is my Carrot app. It makes me laugh because it will yell at you when you gain weight and has a 7 minute workout option.  I like it and it helps motivate me. 
I am excited for Thanksgiving tomorrow to spend time with family.  I am planning on doing the #wiwturkeyday5k Thanksgiving 5k hosted by Ash, Heather & Erin :) so I will get a good workout in the morning and hope to have all the food I want in moderation.

Whats your plan for Thanksgiving?