Monday, March 9, 2015

Monday Recap

Just wanted to post some things about my weekend.

Saturday in the AM I had to go to the dreaded BMV and deal with adult stuff but then mom & I hit up this fun restaurant that we had never been to, "fancier" spot. I got a yummy egg sandwich & home fries. 

Then I worked my part time job at the Y and headed home to get some cleaning done. Took my dog, Belle for a little walk and she got covered in mud & grime! But it was fun.Then started some You Tube watching and wine drinking :P I am obsessed with watching daily vlogs on Youtube! I think it is from my old reality TV phase. 

Sunday I drug myself out of bed (damm DST) to go to church with my mom, brother and grandparents.  Such a good feeling, my grandma has had some health issues lately so it makes me cherish that time so much more.  She has this digital picture frame which we spent several hours watching the pictures which went from my grandma's childhood to present day. Love listening to her describe the people and seeing my family in the past.  Warm & fuzzy feelings :)

Then we had a yummy dinner at my mothers and hung out as a family.

This morning I got up and did the first day of T25.

I definitely followed the girl modifying and still took extra breaks but I liked it. It moved quickly and I did not feel like it was too extreme.  I lost another diet bet this weekend by 3 pounds! I really need to kick my ass in gear. 

Have a happy Monday and I'll be back to check in Wednesday!