Thursday, October 30, 2014

Um. Hi :)

Soooo I haven't posted in well over a year.  I kept putting it off basically because of fear and not wanting to face the facts. Then I remembered the purpose of blogging is to document my journey, nothing else.

A lot of things has happened in the last year in my life, yet some things are totally the same.

I graduated college with my Bachelors degree :)

I tore two tendons in my ankle and severely bruised the bone :(

I turned 28 :)

And I havent lost any real weight.

I weighed in Wednesday at 242 pounds.  I'm not putting a sad face though, because I am proud of my journey.

This year I ran a mile without stopping,

 I survive Insanity classes without quitting on a  regular basis, and I can do a 4 minute wall sit.

Life is full of ups and downs and without those I would get bored and complacent.

One of my favorite bloggers, Elle Noel posted about the Piles on the Miles Challenge by Monica at Run Eat Repeat.  Basically you pledge a goal, it can be miles, minutes, times a week, whatever you want to do.


I pledged to get 1350  minutes of exercise in the month of November. Join me!

I'm ready to get back to blogging and have a great November.

If anyone is still reading, what are your goals for November?

Monday, July 22, 2013

Happy Monday

Time for another weekend shenanigans! As always go check out Sami and everyone's weekend shenanigans!

Sami's Shenanigans

Friday was usual work day. Ready for alcohol nice and early, so of course I had to send a snap chat. After work I went to the Y with a friend and did some weights and then attempted to run outside, but it was way too hot for me. Not sure how you guys do it! Then Friday night some friends came over and we did some drinking and watched Anchorman. Good night!

Saturday was lots of napping! Then later I went to BW3 with my brother and got a massive amount of food, i shared of course. Then we saw R.I.P.D. it didn't get great reviews but I thought it was good. Love Ryan Reynolds.

Sunday was out for breakfast! Then some grocery shopping. More naps and then an awesome run! I did my fastest miles so far 16.09. Still crazy slow but big improvement for me and that's all that matters! Then lunch prep for the week: quinoa, avocado, tomato & chicken. Hopefully its yummy!

All in all I had a great weekend, here's to a good week!

How was your weekend? 

Monday, July 8, 2013

Monday Update

Time for another Weekend Update with Sami !

Sami's Shenanigans

I had an excellent weekend filled with family and fun times, of course zero exercise and the scale showed that..

But lets go back to Thursday.. I did not really have fun plans for the actual 4th since we had family stuff planned for the weekend. But I did get in a 5k wog as virtual stars & strips 5k. It wasn't a great run for me, I felt super drowsy and sick the whole time, but I got it done!

Friday I weighed in for my challenge... at 238.4!! Which was awesome and definitely the result of my hard work last week.

Did my nails Friday night all festive for the 4th

This is pretty intricate for me so I was psyched.
Saturday was the family party, spent most of the time drinking and having fun with family I don't get to see too often. Of course I only got a couple of pictures.

Sunday was spent cleaning and trying to get water in. I weighed in this morning and it was 244!! Hopefully that falls off quickly with lots of water and exercise this week. I cant let 2 days ruin my great week!

Happy Monday! How was your weekend?

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Weigh in Wednesday & Challenges!

Oh My Word... I totally wrote a whole blog post and it disappeared.. Oh well, Blogger must be mad since I suck at posting lately.

But its Wednesday so I had to post for Weigh in Wednesday!

Strong Medicine

Make sure you check out the hosts
Heather, Ash, Bailey, & Amy. They are so supportive and encouraging!

Same old thing with me, I have been working out sporadically and eating tends to follow. I do really well like Sunday-Wednesday but unfortunately my bad eating and lack of exercise over shadows that.

Still involved with the Bikini Body Mom challenge and I have another Fighting the Fluff challenge.

Two awesome blogger have other hash tag/challenges starting.

Darci has #60inSixty starts Friday, goal is to get 60 miles in before Labor Day. I have never set a specific mileage goal so I cant wait to get started.

Mel talked about #getitinJuly which is always awesome.

If you're on Twitter/Instagram check me out (healthysew) and follow along with the hash tags!

As always thank you so much for your support and hope you have a happy Wednesday!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Update, Weigh in Wednesday & "The Mary Kay Look: Influenster!

Oh my goodness, I had big plans to do this awesome weekend update post on Monday and update my weekly goals and all the jazz. Then I was sick Monday.. and Tuesday was spent playing catch up, so here we are.

So this will be a long post and hopefully some of y'all make it to the end!

Lets start with the weekend.

Friday was normal work day, came home and this was in my mail...

My first infleunster box! If you aren't familiar, Influenster is a fun company that sends out products to testers who then give their opinions and share on various social media. I was so excited for this opportunity and will share my thoughts tomorrow!

Friday night I spent some time with friends and went and saw The End. This movie was hysterical! Even if I was slightly intoxicated I really thought it was a funny movie.

Saturday went to a water park with the family. It was a man made lake with kayaks and zip lining and a bar!

I've rotated those darn pics three times and they wont stay! So you get sideways pictures :)

Now on to Weigh in Wednesday! Check out the hosts if you don't already follow

Pretty Strong Medicine

I am still working on the Bikini Body Mom Challenge. I have restarted a billion times. But I woke up this morning (at 6 am!) and did my day 3, which was 45 minutes of cardio

and my lovely breakfast this morning

another sideways pic

So there you go! As always thanks for reading!

Happy Hump Day!

Monday, June 10, 2013

Monday & Weekly Goals

It is Monday! Yipee.

Despite having to be at work an hour early, the pouring rain with no umbrella & starting a statistics class tonight I am in a good mood!

I am linking up with Jess for weekly goals check in. She works so hard with having our challenge group and keeping us all motivated so if you don't already go check her out!!

Operation Skinny Jeans

This Week's Goals:

Blog 3 times
Continue with my Bikini Body Mommy Challenge
Log my good and stay under 5/7 days
Be happy :)

That's it for me today
What are your goals?

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Summer Lovin

Joining in with this fun Summer Bucket List Linkup with the lovely Holly & Trista!


Reading everyone's posts is making me super jealous! A bunch of you get to meet up and have slumber parties, vacations and all around fun plans. Meanwhile I take a statistics class for 5 hours a night for 8 weeks!!!!!

Oh well I'll survive. My goals for this summer is to continue to exercise and be healthy.
At the end of the summer I hope I....
Ran a 5k without stopping
Gotten some pedicures :)
Laid on a beach.. or sand by a lake
Saw fireworks
Soaked in a lot of time with family
Saw a baseball game
Took a billion pictures
Eaten a lot of ice cream
Laid out by a pool
Visited the zoo
Be happy :)

And yes I made it pink because this is pretty artsy for me.

What are your summer plans?