Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Weigh in Wednesday

It is time for another Weigh in Wednesday with Erin & Alex! Go check it out


Nothing too exciting to report this week.  I had lots of tummy issues again so nothing too great in the exercise or clean eating department.  I have a doctors appointment next Tuesday so hopefully can get some answers.  I just realized that when I started taking my Metformin two years ago is when I started having a lot of issues, so that will be the big topic of the day.

Weighed in this morning...

Good golly I need a pedicure!

Up .5 pounds from last week, I'm totally ok with that knowing what I did not get done. 

Erin has a diet bet going that starts next Wednesday.  basically you pay some money and at the end of the month if you lose 4% of your body weight you split the pot! I am excited to give it a try and will hopefully be feeling better.

Also still planning on doing Jillian this month, linking up with Lora and some others to commit to doing some form of Jillian exercises.  I want to do Ripped in 30. Hope to do it tonight!

I'll leave you with some Pinterest Inspiration

Monday, February 25, 2013

Weekend Recap-Coach!

Holla, its Monday! Linking up with Sami today to talk about my weekend :)

First off Friday was pretty fantastic. You know those days where you actually feel cute and normal? Of course I had to document this occurrence. (if you follow me on instagram you've already seen these.. if you don't.... get on it!!!! sewag)

My ootd.

Later I found myself  browsing the Coach Factory's Website and all the sudden was ordering this little number.

It is my first coach purse AND was 50% off, how can you beat that??

Called my mom and of course she decided she needed one, so we ordered this one for her.

Great first Coach purses for both of us :).

Then it was time for the Akron Zips Basketball Game.  We won of course. That is 18 straight!!

Saturday I got to sleep in till 11 am which was glorious.  Then my mom and I went to the Melt Bar and Grill. This place is amazing! It is basically a gourmet grilled cheese.  You always have to wait like 45 minutes to get seated. The food is so good!!

Lunch always leads to shopping so we ended up at Marshalls and looked at the clearance shoes and I found these!!


I literally screamed in the store and jumped up and down.

In 24 hours I bought two Coach products. I was pretty much in heaven.

The rest of the weekend was just the usual sleeping, cleaning & homework.

Anything fun for you this weekend?

Tonight I am restarting Jillian for the millionth time. Lora will be hosting a link up for us to chat about the lovely Jillian.


Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Weigh in Wednesday

Clearly I've been slacking on the whole blogging thing again, but I couldn't forget about Weigh in Wednesday with Erin & Alex


 I finally weighed in this morning....

ignore the horrible toes
I was not horrified by this number. I did pretty good this week.  I worked out 3 times and ate under my calories Saturday through Tuesday. So that was a definite plus, I am proud of my week. I started Ripped in 30 again and downloaded this new workout app on my phone. It has different arm workouts so I was definitely feeling the sore earlier this week. 

That's all I really have today still feeling a little under the weather.

How was your week?  

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Weigh in Wednesday & Updates

Man I got 3 whole posts in last week and then Wednesday rolls around and I haven't posted at all!

Friday night we saw Ron White, which was awesome! He was super funny, slightly more vulgar then I remembered, but still fun. And I got my IPAD!!!! I have been dying for one for almost two years so I was so excited. Saturday I volunteered at a tax clinic as a greeter just getting people checked in for their appointments.  then I went to lunch and grocery shopping with my mom.  Sunday I slept an ungodly amount of time and did some cleaning and homework.

Last night was fun though. We have a nails party and I got my eyebrow(s) done. They needed done bad let me tell you. Thursday I'm getting a haircut and color and will finally look like a human again. 

On to Weigh in Wednesday. 


Weigh in Wednesday with the lovely Erin & Alex.

Well its another week of me coming here and telling you that I sucked. I worked out once. I tracked my food about 75% of the time and I didn't get my water in. I let regular old life derail me and I did not make an effort to get back on track. But it is Wednesday and I am determined to have a better story for y'all next week. I have a doctors appointment next Tuesday that I am dreading because my weigh is always a big subject and I just feel like a big fat disappointment. I need to do this for myself. Not for you guys, not for my doctors and certainly not for any male. For me. And I deserve to be healthy and happy.

Lets do this!

Friday, February 8, 2013

Fab Friday

It is Fab Friday! Linking up with the lovely Laura @ The Everyday Joys sharing some positive things about today, this week, whatever. Anything positive. I consider myself a positive person so this fits me perfectly. Be ready for a plethora of exclamation points.

I got my federal tax refund today! Whoop!! Which means I am getting an IPad 2 tonight. Super excited for that, I have been wanting one forever! I also get to pay off some annoying bills, double whoop.

I went to the gym this week, one whole time! Improvement from last week :)

Tonight I am going to see Ron White with the family.  He is a comedian and often is with Jeff Foxworthy on his shows. I have never been to a professional comedian so I am looking forward to that.

I am rocking 2nd day straight hair today.  I always feel more put together when my hair is straight, so yay.

That's my Fab Friday. What are you happy for today?

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Weigh in Wednesday


Another Weigh in Wednesday. I wasn't going to post because every week I post the same blah story and you are all so sweet and offer great suggestions and I just feel like a broken record. But I reminded myself that this is a journey and even though I am not making the progress I would like I am learning. I promise I am taking all your thoughts and suggestions seriously and I am not just one of those people that whines all the time.

Anyway! I did not weigh myself this morning but I am sure it was a gross number. But again this morning I a feeling hopeful, have my water bottle, food pre planned on myfitness pal & workout plan in mind.

Check out some of these great posts much less whiny then mine :)

Alex @ Skinny Jean Pilgrimage posts about body image

Erin @ She's a Big Star has a great post with some tips & she talks about cleaning eating.

Lora @ Raising Steppe Sisters made a workout plan for the week, so I am totally stealing that idea and trying it out.

On to my plan for the week.

Wednesday Cardio
Thursday Cardio & some strength training.
Friday rest
Saturday Cardio & some strength training.
Sunday Cardio
Monday rest
Tuesday Cardio & some strength training.

That's my plan.  along with lots of water & logging all my food every.single.bite

Do you work better with a plan or just follow your mood?

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Whats in a Name

Amanda @ My Very Own Modern Family is doing a link up today, all about your children's names. Of course since I love a good link up I had to participate. I don't have any human children yet, but my dog Belle is my whole world.

Belle is 4 years old and is a Beagle Lab mix.  I got her in Kentucky on a family trip.  We were literally driving down the road and a bunch of dogs were running in the yard and there was a sign "Free Dogs". I saw this adorable puppy hiding in the corner and I decided I must have her.  I had to chase her down and grab her but ever since then she has my everything. 

Horrible picture of me but how cute she?

I was living with my parents at the time, so I had to call and tell my mom, surprise I'm bringing a dog! She asked the name and of course I had no clue.  I wanted to name her Baby Girl but my mom said no that was too redneck. clearly this was before honey boo boo. After much back and forth, I settled on Belle because she was a southern belle.  Corny I know.

Anyway that's my name story :)

Monday, February 4, 2013

Weekend Update & Goals for February

Happy Monday!

Another weekend gone without much productivity going on.

Saturday I volunteered at a tax clinic as a greeter and getting people checked in.  Then i came home and took a glorious nap! Did a little cleaning and then started watching The Mindy Project. Hil-arious.

Seriously, you should check this show out.  Mindy plays this girl who I would describe as "hot mess" read me on a good day. Love it.
Anyway then Sunday I pretty much laid around all day doing nothing.  It was nice.
I wanted to plan out some goals for the month, in hopes I am somewhat accountable.
February Goals
Lose 4 pounds
Read 2 books
Track ALL Food, +/- 100 cals from goal 6 days a week
3 blog posts a week
Do you make monthly goals?
I thought I would have mo