Wednesday, February 11, 2015


Sooo I have not posted since December 3rd... What is my deal?

I can list lots of excuses! Grad school, family health issues, studying for LSAT, working two jobs and this whole life thing, but I am pretty sure no one cares and the point of this blog is to document my life, so I'm going to blog when it works for me, about what works for me. :)

Today I am linking up with my girls, ErinHeather & Ash for Weigh in Wednesday

 Weigh In Wednesday 

Today I weighed in at 242.8. I'd like to be less next week :) I started the month at 240... and my goal was to lose 3 pounds, so clearly I gained 3 instead.  I have been great this month so far with my water intake and decent with my exercise so I am proud of that. As always food is a struggle with me but I am working on it.

Workout plan for the rest of the week.
Wednesday- Piyo- Define: upper body
Thursday- Piyo- Sweat & Insanity class @ the Y
Friday- Swimming or cardio circuit
Saturday- Piyo- Define lower body & T 25
Sunday- Piyo- Define upper body & T25
Monday- Piyo- Sweat
Tuesday-Piyo- Define Lower body & Insanity class @ the Y

That is the plan and we will see how it goes :)

Happy Hump Day!


  1. Yay, so glad to see you blog! That looks like a good plan... sorry for the gain but this losing weight shit is HARD! You'll do it, I know you will!

  2. What's your username on myfitnesspal? I'm esthernorine. If you friend me on there, I'll like all your posts. Stay focused and you'll make your goal! (p.s. My blogger account is broken. If you'd like to reply, please email me at