Thursday, April 9, 2015

Weigh in Wednesday: Beachbody & Weight Watchers

Two posts in one day?? Breaking my streak!

I know it is Thursday but I wanted to participate in Weigh Wednesday with my girls and keep documenting this journey of mine.

  Weigh In Wednesday
(couldn't figure out what I was doing wrong with the button but it is Erin, Heather & Winter !

My last WIW post, which was over a month ago!  I was 242.8. Yesterday morning I was 240.6 so that is progress :)

So I started Weight Watchers two weeks ago. On this blog I have talked about My Fitness Pal and IIFYM, I like those forms of tracking, but the problem is I am just not tracking.. I did pay for the weight Watchers weekly meetings for three months. My mother is doing it with me. I am hoping these meetings will help with my accountability. I don't honestly love the point system and the way Weight Watchers has you track but right now I am doing a hybrid of points and calorie counting.  I have only been to two meetings but I will definitely share my thoughts.  

I also became a Beachbody Coach! To be completely honest my main goal is the discount but I would love to talk to anyone who is interested in any products or has any questions.  Please feel free to email me healthysew (at) gmail or comment below!

Here is my link if you're interested in checking it out

My history with Beachbody, I think about 3 years ago, I purchased Insanity and did it for a couple weeks, we all know finishing tasks isn't my strong suit :P, and really enjoyed the program.  I still go to Insanity classes at my Y.  In the past year I have bought T25, Piyo and most recently 21 Day Fix!
Although I haven't fully finished any of these programs, my goal is to complete each one this year. 

T25 makes me feel like I am getting a killer workout, love the modifier and just a great workout in only 25 minutes.  

Piyo is great for days where I need to workout but don't want to *feel* like a killer burn. While working out i can breath and i enjoy getting the yoga experience without being too slow. At the end of the workouts I am always pleasantly surprised with the calorie burn. Probably my favorite that I own.

21 Day Fix is my newest, I only have done 4 days to be honest, then I was hit with more kidney stone issues. But I really enjoyed it! I am planning to restart the workouts next week. Doing 21 Day Fix I definitely feel like I am getting a workout but it doesn't seem too overwhelming while doing it. Great calorie burn for me and definitely feels like a workout.

I have also used Shakeology on and off for over three years now. It always makes me feel better when I am using it consistently.  I typically either use it for my breakfast and add some fruit or for my dinner when I don't feel like I want an entire meal.

Whew that is a lot to take in, thanks for reading :)

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