Monday, April 11, 2016

uh Hi

Soooooo my name is Sonya. I used to pretend to blog here, but then I went to law school. Today is April 11th, 2016 and I turn 30 October 10th! 6 months from yesterday :)

I am up about 10 pounds from my "normal" highest weight. Not OK. Law school, health issues, life, laziness... does not help you when it comes to losing weight. I know I'm not the only one dealing with those and it is up to me in how I choose to overcome these obstacles. I know I am capable of whatever I put my mind to. I just need to do it.

My plan is to do weigh in posts on Wednesdays and weekly review posts on Mondays. For my own records and to try and hold myself accountable.

My first goal I will publicly set is to do the 21 day fix workouts. 21 days of doing the videos consistently. Frankly I've never completed more than like 4 workouts in a row from a plan. But I have done most of the videos, I like them and I know its doable.  I do not plan on following the containers. That is not a system that works for me. I will be logging my food on myfitnesspal (healthysew)

I know I've written probably 30 times how I'm "starting over" so here is the 31st.

I hope to document this here & Instagram (healthysew) so follow along if there is still anyone out there :P

And as always email me at healthysew at gmail

Lets go !

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