Monday, November 19, 2012

I'm Back!

Oh my goodness I cannot believe it has been almost a month since I posted last! Thanks for sticking with me and not unfollowing me :)

I have been up to anything too exciting. Just working, taking classes and trying to be healthy. I have been working out a lot more and trying to be more mindful of my eating.  Last Wednesday I weighed in at 234.8 so a 2.2 pound loss since my last post.  I wish it was more of a loss, but hey I'll take it!

This weekend I was super productive cleaning wise, I like to make a list in my notepad and then check them off, I know I'm a dork :).  So here was my list.

As you can see, great with the cleaning, not so much with homework & working out.

After today I am off the rest of this week, I took some vacation time with the holiday.  I have already planned out the week with my workouts and getting some homework time in.  Here is my plan

-Dr appt
-YMCA workout
-ethics case study
-ripped in 30 L3

-hang out w stretch
-YMCA workout
-supervision case study (2)
-ripped in 30 L3
-blog post

- 1 mile walk
- 5k
- EAT :)

- YMCA workout (open?)
- supervision case study
- ripped in 30 L3
- finish motivation board
- make weekend plan.

Have a great Holliday!

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