Wednesday, December 26, 2012


Wow I managed to post a whole week later :)

My week has been fun, I have been off work since Friday so that is awesome.  Friday I went to the doctor as kind of a check up thing.  I have been having lots of stomach pains lately, about two years ago we thought it was my gallbladder, so i dealt with a bunch of doctors and ultrasounds and scans and the decided it wasn't my gallbladder.  So I continue to deal with pain off and on about once a week or so.  Most of the pain is manageable and I can expect it depending on what I eat.  But lately it just has been worse and more unpredictable.  Anyway the doctor suggested I see a gastroenterologist, so we'll see. 

This weekend was full of glorious sleep.  I love sleep, always have.  Then Monday night stayed at my parents and we hung out together for Christmas.  Only managed to get a picture of my brother and me.

Tuesday came home and did a deep clean of the apartment, which was wonderful! I Love the smell of good pinesol! Spent lots of time blog reading and actually got a workout in :).Did level 1 of Ripped in 30.  Embarrassing how much it kicked my ass and how many breaks I took for a 20 minute workout, but I hey I did it!!

Today was week 2 weigh in for the Biggest Loser Standing challenge, and I was down one pound from last week! Weighed in at 234.8!

Sorry, I cant figure out how to rotate it?

 I thought that was great since I didn't track much or do much in the way of exercising. Anyway that is my week.  My goal is to post again sometime this week.

How was your holiday?


  1. 1. do you feel like I'm social media stalking you? I saw you comment on another blog and recognized your photo

    2. I love the smell of Pinesol too!

    I'm off to read more linked up blogs...

  2. I think it you want to reply to your own post, you just comment like you're a visitor (it's been over seven years since I had a blogger blog so I'm rusty).

    Or you go to that person's blog (as you did) and leave a comment. I'm glad you came over to my blog to leave a comment so I saw it!