Thursday, December 20, 2012

Why Do I Suck at Blogging?

Man I suck at blogging as of late.  I get really excited and into it, and then completely stop.  I guess I feel as though I have nothing interesting to say.  My last blog was like three weeks ago, and I was starting Insanity and so excited about it.  Then shocker, fell off the wagon and made no attempts to get back on.  This is not a post about excuses in the least.  I am single, no kids and work one job.  I have no excuse to not schedule exercise into my life. 

I am participating in The Last Loser Standing competition in my ML Fit Camp.  basically you weigh in every week and as long as you lose or maintain, you're still in.  If you gain, you're out.  We started December 12th and I was 235.  Yesterday was week 2, and I weighed in the morning and I was over by .8 pounds.  Shockingly enough if you eat like crap and don't exercise your weight doesn't go down? I was determined to not get kicked out in the second week, so I drank lots of water all day and did a workout, went home and weighed in. 

Excuse my gross toes.
YAY! Down .2 pounds, which keeps me in!  Once again I am determined to get my ass in gear.  I started 2012 weighing at 221.8.  Pisses me off that I likely will be heavier at the end of the year.  I refuse to feel this way a year from now.  I am off starting tomorrow until January 2nd.  Perks of working for a university. 
In order to start losing weight and being healthy I am committing to blogging regularly, logging my food on mfp (healthysew--add me!), drinking 100+ oz water a day and EXERCISING.

Thanks for sticking with me so far and hopefully I will be a much better blogger moving forward.

What is your go to move when you fall off the wagon/horse?

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