Monday, March 4, 2013

Weekend Update & A Vlog!

First thing.. 39 followers! Wow I was at like 30 last week. So thanks for joining :) Please leave your blog if I don't already follow you. 

I decided to do a vlog, because I love watching them and thought it would be a change of pace. So please be kind.  

Linking up with Sami talking about my weekend. 

And my weekly Goals with Jess

Thanks for reading. What are you thoughts on vlogs? Thinking about making it a regular thing hopefully with more concealer! :)

Ps. Sabrina the Teenage Witch is on Hulu!! Now we just need Clarissa Explains it All and my life would be complete!


  1. I can be pretty boring, but come follow me!!

  2. You are too cute!! Great job on the good eating this weekend and getting a workout in! Love your goals for this week too... they all seem attainable and I know they'll make for a good weight loss for the week too! Umm, adult acne?! The worst! I'm 33 and I still get breakouts... what's up with that?! I just bought a Clarisonic and I'm hoping it's as good as everyone says!