Friday, March 29, 2013

Happy Friday

Linking up with my girl Laura from The Everday Joys. She had a beautiful baby boy this week, Congrats Laura!! The purpose of this linkup is to share positive things that have happened to you lately. I am all about positivity so I love this link up. 

Numero Uno... I went running twice this week....TWO TIMES! That is great for me and I am excited to continue on with the C25K program.

Numero Dos... I have tracked my calories three days in a row!! this is also wonderful since I have had trouble with that lately.

Numero Tres... It is FRIDAY! I know that comes every week but it is still pretty positive.

Numero Cuatro... My doctors appointment went extremely well this week. I have been very anxious about it since I wasn't losing the weight like the doctor wanted. He was positive and supportive and acknowledged it isn't an easy thing, just wants to see more progress next time. Wayyyy better then I expected.

Numero Cinco... My friends! Fellow bloggers, my IG friends, Girls on MLFC have been so supportive and great to me, its so amazing to have that kind of love and encouragement from people I have never met in purpose. Makes me all warm & fuzzy :)

I have a lot to be happy and thankful for but I'll leave it at that.

Have any great plans for the weekend?

PS. Come join the Diet Bet Game! It is only a 5 dollar buy in and starts today! I am excited for this one, my other one ends next week and I am pretty sure I am going to fail, but here is another opportunity :)

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  1. way to go! the journey to fitness is SO rewarding. glad you've had a successful week!

    happy Easter, friend!
    blessings. :)