Friday, April 5, 2013

Purse Party Linkup with Erin and Mel!

Happy Friday! I am liking up with two of my absolute favorites Erin & Mel showing whats in my purse! It was supposed to go up yesterday but I am battling an annoying ear infection yuckyness. So here you go :)

My purse is coach. I just got in about a month ago and I'm in love. I had had wristlets before but this is my first purse.

Shockingly my purse was pretty clean, not any trash or receipts, clearly I cleaned it out recently.

All of the stuff from the inside.
  • I have papers for school.
  • Pink & Purple bag
  • Medicine
  • Body Spray
  • Gum
  • Tweezers
  • Nail glue & polish
  • keys
  • headpand
  • mirror
  • wristlet
  • checkbook & pen
  • necklace
  • card carrier
  • glasses case
Whew I think that's it.

In side pocket in my purse also has a bunch of random stuff. A pad, meds, glasses wipes and random stuff.

I don't carry a real makeup bag with me but this little bag has lip smacker, blistex, mirror, lotion & mini tooth brushes.

I love seeing everyone's purses so this was super fun to do.

I am attempting to redo my blog layout and colors and stuff so please give me any feedback you have!

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  1. Yayy, thanks for linking up... LOVE your bag! That thing is a beauty!! Boo for the ear infection... hope that clears up soon, those are no fun!!