Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Weigh in Wednesday

Goooooood Morning! It is time for another Weigh in Wednesday with Erin & Alex

This has been a great week for me all around. Since last Tuesday I have tracked all my calories and stayed under except for Monday. That fact alone makes me very proud of myself and happy. I have also done Jillian once, and did C25K four times!! I also started a daily challenge with a facebook group
Get Your Ass in the Gym! Check them out & tell them I sent you :). Basically they have a calendar they post and you do the workout of the day. I am loving it so far.

With all my hard work I was anxious this morning to step on the scale....

This is 1.6 pounds down from last Wednesday.. I am not going to lie at first I was a little disappointed, I was hoping for a more dramatic, bigger number. Then I reminded myself I certainly did not gain this weight in a week, it isn't going to go away that quickly either. Its funny when someone else loses a pound you get so excited and congratulate them but when it is you, you are annoyed. I am happy though. It is not even about that number or the scale. I worked hard this week and nothing can take that away from me.

Erin's diet bet was over this week and I did not win. Shocker :) But I am in another one that started last week & I have high hopes. Congrats to everyone who is in this one and met their goal!

That's all I have for Weigh in Wednesday this week. Again thank you so much for all who have been supporting me and offering such sweet words on twitter, IG & facebook. Your the best, seriously.

Ps.. I created a twitter for the blog, check me out & leave your name if I don't already follow you! Healthy Sew Twitter!

Pps. I am excited to link up with my faves Mel & Erin tomorrow for "Whats in Your Purse" Make sure you check it out!


  1. oh I can't wait to check out that fb group. thanks for sharing! and great job on the loss, 1 lb is better than nothing (which is totally where I'm at right now...)

  2. way to go girl! You got this! p.s. on your liebster award we are so twinsies on some things!. my hair is also ridicously thick, literally have enough for 3 people, my brother is 6 years younger than I am and my dog is my world too what is your doggies name?

  3. Congrats on the loss! Be proud girl! You had an awesome week!

  4. congrats on an awesome week and what i definitely consider an awesome loss!! xx