Friday, January 25, 2013

My Makeup Bag

Good Morning :) Two posts in one week, shocker!!

Trista at Stewart Street is hosting a linkup about what is in your makeup bag. 

I don't wear make-up every day but I do feel more put together and professional when I put a little something on.  I am excited to see what everyone posts, go check them out!

My photo editing skills are not awesome, so bear with me. (you pro bloggers, how do you get your pictures looking all fine?)

I love my make up bag! It just came from Target when they do a little giveaway but it is the perfect size to throw in my purse & hold what I use.

I start with this dream fresh BB cream in medium and this bronzer by Maybelline.  I think they are both from CVS.

Then depending on what I am wearing I mainly use one of these two different eye shadows.  Top is NYC with some different browns, or the second is Almay and I think it was for those with green eyes.  Since I am such a goober with eye make up I like the kind that tells you where to put what shadow.

Then I use mascara, I think its Cover Girl? (I really should have brought my bag with me) and then I love, love this eyeliner, it is from Sally's and is purple but you can't really tell.  I think it opens up my eyes well. 

Anyway thats my make up bag.  What type of bronzer do you use? if you use any.

I really like the Make Up Chair on Youtube, she has a lot of great tutorials, check her out!

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  1. I love the eyeshadow cases with instructions. I need all the help that I can get.