Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Weigh in Wednesday

Good Morning.

It is in the 50's today which is a welcomed change from the 14 degrees we had on Monday.  I was home sick yesterday with a stomach thing and I was bored to death.  I couldn't even get in some proper naps so that was a big downer.  I basically sat around and played on the Internet and watched TV; all while running to the bathroom. (sorry for the visual)

On to Weigh in Wednesday!


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I weighed in this morning at 239.6 which is a 1.6 gain from last week. 

The word is for the Biggest Loser Competition in MLFC

I wasn't surprised by that.  When I'm sick, even the lovely kind I had yesterday, my body likes to hold on to my weight.  I also certainly did not get enough water in yesterday, I should see a good number next week.  I did decent this week with my eating and exercising.  Definitely an improvement from the week before.  I brought my exercise clothes with me today in hopes I feel well enough to work out after class. 

I plan on trying out this workout I found on pinterest. (Follow Me!)

Source: via Sonya on Pinterest

My brother usually goes with me so he can help my ditzy self figure everything out.

I plan to  focus on my eating this week. Whats your go to dinner when you re being healthy?


  1. Stir Fry or chef salad with greek yogart dressing are my favorite dinners!!!

  2. My go-to's for dinners are really anything I can make in a big batch... like a healthy chili, soup, etc. that I can just heat up and have ready for me when I get home... that way I don't end up eating everything in sight while dinner is cooking! This week I've been having a lot of different salads... so good and I've added chicken to them for the protein.

    Sorry you were feeling bad... here's to a better week next week!

  3. Sorry you were sick! I had the same thing on Monday. It is the WORST!

    Next week will be better fo sho!

  4. Sorry you were sick and your loss! Sickness is the worst! Kick butt next week and you'll be great!

  5. Sorry for the gain. Hope you feel better. I just eat boring dinners mostly. Baked chicken and vegetables.

  6. I feel like I've been eating salads for 2 weeks straight! I'm looking for some new healthy dinners too. ^^ Stir Fry is a great idea because you can load up on the veggies.

  7. Sorry to see you're sick. I went through it for 2 weeks and it was horrible and definitely slowed down my weight loss this month. I don't have specific go to dinner, for me it's anything homemade. If I make it myself then I can control the ingredients and calories in it. Chicken is usually my go to meat thought because it's low in calories and you can make it a million different ways.