Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Weigh in Wednesday


Another Weigh in Wednesday. I wasn't going to post because every week I post the same blah story and you are all so sweet and offer great suggestions and I just feel like a broken record. But I reminded myself that this is a journey and even though I am not making the progress I would like I am learning. I promise I am taking all your thoughts and suggestions seriously and I am not just one of those people that whines all the time.

Anyway! I did not weigh myself this morning but I am sure it was a gross number. But again this morning I a feeling hopeful, have my water bottle, food pre planned on myfitness pal & workout plan in mind.

Check out some of these great posts much less whiny then mine :)

Alex @ Skinny Jean Pilgrimage posts about body image

Erin @ She's a Big Star has a great post with some tips & she talks about cleaning eating.

Lora @ Raising Steppe Sisters made a workout plan for the week, so I am totally stealing that idea and trying it out.

On to my plan for the week.

Wednesday Cardio
Thursday Cardio & some strength training.
Friday rest
Saturday Cardio & some strength training.
Sunday Cardio
Monday rest
Tuesday Cardio & some strength training.

That's my plan.  along with lots of water & logging all my food every.single.bite

Do you work better with a plan or just follow your mood?


  1. Good workout plan girl! I am one of those people that need a plan I need a schedule I need my breakfast and lunch packed for the next day the night before. I find that if I don't plan i'm more likely to mess up or tell myself I'll do it later etc. I made a workout scheudle for this week too !

  2. Keep posting, NO MATTER WHAT! It's all a part of your journey and we're here to help and support you, no matter what! I find that when I don't post about it or stop logging on MFP, that's when things really go off track for me. So even though you're not making a lot of progress, just keep posting and keep your head in the game as much as you can!

    I am definitely a planner... I do sooo much better when I have a plan for food and fitness all laid out in front of me.

    Just pick one small goal this week and concentrate on that... whether it's logging everyday in MFP, drinking 100 oz. of water, or getting in a workout... just pick one thing and concentrate on it. When you've got that down in a week or two, you can add something else in. You can do it... just don't give up!

  3. Plan, plan, plan!!! If you go w/ the flow you're more likely to say "I don't feel like it today". keep it up girl! The end result will be so worth it!!!