Monday, February 4, 2013

Weekend Update & Goals for February

Happy Monday!

Another weekend gone without much productivity going on.

Saturday I volunteered at a tax clinic as a greeter and getting people checked in.  Then i came home and took a glorious nap! Did a little cleaning and then started watching The Mindy Project. Hil-arious.

Seriously, you should check this show out.  Mindy plays this girl who I would describe as "hot mess" read me on a good day. Love it.
Anyway then Sunday I pretty much laid around all day doing nothing.  It was nice.
I wanted to plan out some goals for the month, in hopes I am somewhat accountable.
February Goals
Lose 4 pounds
Read 2 books
Track ALL Food, +/- 100 cals from goal 6 days a week
3 blog posts a week
Do you make monthly goals?
I thought I would have mo


  1. Great goals to make! I was thinking about making some monthly goals. Maybe I will in March.

  2. Great goals! And I love that show! :)