Monday, October 8, 2012

Happy Monday

I definitely slipped this weekend.  Even after starting this blog and commenting with the facebook group I still got off tracked and didn't count food or workout this weekend.  But I'm back in the game today and hoping I didn't do too much damage. 

Friday night I went to dinner with my mom at Olive Garden, those bread sticks do me in every time! But oh so yummy.

Saturday I spent some time with my cousins child who is four and oh so much fun.  He loves to play Angry Birds on my phone and is a fabulous golfer :) Then we good old fashioned family time with my older cousins and played some drinking games (the adults of course, not the four year old)

Sunday was full of errands, eating out, cleaning & homework time.  Ready to get back on track this week, even with my big birthday on Wednesday.  I'll be 26! Woohoo.

I'm hoping to post more on a regular basis to keep me accountable.  I also need to mess around with the formatting of the blog.  Leave me tips in the comments!

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