Monday, May 6, 2013

Whew.. its Monday!

Oh my goodness. It has been three weeks since my last post! Thank you to all who are still around!

School got the better of me and has been taking most of my energy. This is finals week and then I have three weeks with no classes where I can refocus and get my schedule back!

Not too much to report, I literally have been just working on stuff for classes and working.

I have not worked out much at all and even quit logging on mfp, but I am back today with a new calendar and logging my food.

Here is the calendar from this morning. It has my Mind over Munch V Sit Challenge and Get your Ass in the Gym workouts. I also plan to do the rocking abs with my MLFC girls and hopefully a DVD or some run/walk.

Thank you soooo much to Lena B Actually who sponsored my giveaway and got me some new followers :) Unfortunately it wasn't fab timing since I was AWOL for a bit but I am hoping to be back!

That is pretty much it, I am hoping to have a Day in the Life post up tomorrow since I got one ready almost 3 weeks ago!!!

Happy Monday!

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